By Jason Moleiro


Do you know what a robot is? If you know what one is, would you trust one to drive you or be the car? I would definitely trust one. In my story you will learn how a robot robots learn how to drive. Also the safety that the robots have. Let’s start reading!

Robot Beginners

A robot would not start to drive right away. They are like us and they need to learn how to drive. When the robots are practicing driving, they have a red license plate. That tells other drivers that there is a robot learning to drive. The beginner robot also needs to learn how to drive with people in the car. They need to know how to do this so other people would need to trust the robot. In the article it says,’’The future is here.’’{Steve Henn}

Safety First

Robots are VERY, VERY, VERY SAFE! When they are driving they can take information off the road. For example, they are able to find traffic in their way before reaching it. Then the robot is able to go around it. In the article it says,’’Robots are never distracted.”{Steve Henn}. The Robots never drink and drive. Or never go on a phone while they are driving. They always have their eyes on the road. The robots know how to adjust the speed they are going to get out of traffic easily. As a result, the robots or robot cars are very safe, and now you can trust it.

Know you know what a robot is. You probably know how robots learn to drive and how safe they are. The real question is if you would trust one after reading my article?