The Steam Engine

The Machine That Changed the World!

The Steam Engine

The steam engine was first invented by an englishman named John Newcomen. He made a machine that he thought would help mining. A few years after, someone else made some changes to the steam engine that would make it a little more efficient and faster. His name was James Watt.
How a Steam Engine works

The Steam Engine: Europe

The steam engine had some big effects on Europe. It gave people a faster method of transportation by train and later on the car. It also helped with mining since it powered machines that could pump out the water in coal mines. Europe was the country that needed it most because they had just started their mining industry and had to find new ways for mining. This was the thing that helped with that. It pumped water out of the mines so that miners

The Steam Engine: America

When Americans got the idea for the steam engine, It gave them a faster method of transportation and mining also. The other thing it did for Americans was make it possible for us to heat our homes and factories.
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John Newcomen

John Newcomen was the man who first invented the steam engine. John Newcomen first started thinking of something to help people in the mines. He got the idea of steam from the man named Thomas Savery, who used steam to power a water pump that pumped water out of coal mines. A few years later, Newcomen used the idea of using steam power to make a steam engine which would power machines with an engine that ran on steam (thus the name steam engine).
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James Watt

James Watt was another englishman who helped with the invention of the steam engine. He made it so that it could move faster and didn't need as much fuel as it did before. James' first idea was that, if the steam were condensed separately from the cylinders, the cylinder would always be kept hot.
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When Did This Invention Occur

This invention was first invented in 1638 and then reinvented one hundred years later by John Newcomen. A man named James Watt, about three or four years later, thought up some new additions for the steam engine and then it took him fifteen years for him to actually get the additions on to the steam engine

What Is the Invention

A steam engine is a machine that converts the heat energy of steam into mechanical energy.

Purpose of the Invention

The purpose of the steam engine was to help with coal mines by drilling all the water out of the mines so that miners could mine easier.

When and Where Did This Invention Occur

The first steam engine was not built and used in Europe until 1738. The steam engine was inspired by the first steam powered machine which was built one hundred years earlier.

Why Is This Important to History

This invention is important to history because it made it possible for things like mining and moving around faster and more efficient.