By Lindsay Burkhardt

Major Themes in Human Relations

There are seven themes of human relations. They are Communication, Self-Awareness, Motivation, Trust, Self-Disclosure, and Conflict Resolution. In Human Relations, Communication is the heart and soul of human relations.

Communication, The Human Connecton

Communication is the means by which we come to an understanding of ourselves and others. In order for us to grow and develop as persons, we must become aware of the necessary skills to communicate effectively.

Effective Personal Communication

Communication by Technology

Speed of Technology

While some people still perfer face to face, advances in technology have made it very easy to communicate in real time. Email, text message, instant message, and social media, have made it so people can send their thoughts, post about their day, and make plans all by the click of a button, instead of actually picking up the phone. EVen with these advances, human involvement is necessary and effective for communication.
How To Have Better Communication Skills

At the end of the day...

We can all become better at communicating if we practice some of these simple steps. Some people say they were not born with communication skills, but it is that, a skill, o it an be learned. Communication will either break or make the relationships we have.

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