Third Grade news!

Week of November 30

Jamie Faulkner REVOLUTION

Little Mix - Black Magic (INSTRUMENTAL) By REVOLUTION Music by Jamie Faulkner REVOLUTION

Dear Third Grade Families,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving break; and got to share tons of food and make lots of new memories with your loved ones. I really enjoyed getting to see family from out of town, and spend time with some of my close girlfriends. My high would be seeing my fiancé, Mr.Love, carve his first turkey and my low was saying goodbye to my best friend of 16 years. Today she will start her new job in San Francisco! We have really enjoyed sharing about our breaks, and getting back together to make some new memories!

This week's Math Story problem will be a continuation of last's week's "Thanksgiving Break Challenge." This week's problem deals with collecting authentic data from a new audience based on a question we are curious about. Students have written their questions, and should collect as many responses from people outside of our classroom as possible. This data collection will be due this Friday! In Mastery, students will organize their data, create a graph of choice to display their data, and finally- analyze the data!

We are eager to figure out our total minutes read as a class for the month of November! I will be collecting any reading logs you have until this Friday! Each student has a personal reading goal for the month, and our class goal for the month is 11,111! Fingers crossed! Beating our goal each month gives us a change to earn a free pizza party sponsored Pizza Hut. Help us read our hearts out this week and turn those reading logs in!

This week in Content, we will be wrapping up our Energy projects and sharing with the class. By Friday we will be moved on to study one of my favorite units- Ancient Greece! We will be learning about the geography, resources, economy, government, art, architecture and major contributions of this ancient civilization. Our culminating project will be a Greco-Roman Festival. More info to come!

Meanwhile, we have been busy planning our own civilization, applying what we learned in Economy. Students voted on the name, the Crozet Claytor Eagles! The eagles started earning CCE bucks this week and will have their first pay day this Friday. In the Tuesday folder you will find a Market Planning Sheet and information sheet/timeline. The next major event on our timeline is turning in our Market Planning Sheet #1 which explains what good or service your child will be producing for our Market and what basic materials they will need, due this Friday. Note: Side #2 will be completed in class and our products will be discussed before production will begin. Our Market will be the morning of December 18. I will be sending information each week until the big day, and you will all be invited!

If you have any questions regarding production or Market Day or anything else, please let me know. I hope you have a fantastic rest of your week!



Have you seen my turkey?

Did your turkey vanish right before the big holiday? It MIGHT have been our students! Before the break we read the book "Turkey Trouble" and came up with creative ways to disguise our turkeys to save them from being eaten!

Energy Projects

Becoming an Energy Expert

This week students are wrapping up their research projects on Energy, and determining how they will share the information they found with the class. I am super impressed with how motivated students are to work on this project. Below in the link we are using in class, in case you want to continue doing research at home!
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Third Grade Story Element Dioramas

Our display is up and the projects look FANTASTIC!

The Third grade teachers got so many compliments while setting up the students' diorama projects! They will be on display throughout the month of December! We hope you will be able to bring your family out to check them out! We are so thankful to be able to display our best work out in the community!

Working on character traits!

Sammy's Synonym Cinnamon Roll

Say that 3 times fast! This week students are working on using a Thesaurus to find synonyms (a word that means the same or almost the same) for overused words in our writing like good, bad, happy, sad, etc. Students really enjoyed creating the synonym rolls and eating cinnamon rolls while doing it!!

Introducing the Crozet Claytor Eagles (CCE), est. November, 2015

The Claytor Class tree! Artwork created during indoor recess by Lexi, Caitlin and Alexis!

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Ms. Abby Claytor

Third Grade Teacher

Drama Club Director

CEO of the Crozet Claytor Eaglets