Leonardo Da vinci

Mona Lisa

Life of Leonardo Da vinci

He was born in Vinci,Italy on April,15,1452 he spent most of his life there. He was taught and trained by Andrea del Verrocchio a local artist. He sculpted,sketched,painted a couple of his works were the Mona lisa and The last supper. His patron was the Medici family.

Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa was created in 1503-1506 it is located at the Mus'ee du louvre. This painting is so significant because he used oil on wood to create the painting. This piece is so interesting because it is so detailed.This piece most relates to humanism because it has Mona Lisa as the center and most important feature of the painting and everything around her is dark and gloomy.



Creator : Leonardo da Vinci

Title : Mona Lisa

Date : 1503-1506

Repository : Musée du Louvre

Repository : Inv. 779

ARTstor : LESSING_ART_1039490423

URL : http://library.artstor.org/library/secure/ViewImages?id=%2FThWdC8hIywtPygxFTx5TnQkVn0tfA%3D%3D