Migration AS Human

how we humans migrate in life

How we migrate can be based of many reasons either by normally moving by bushiness and simply moving or if you are forced to move by budgets, disasters to climate or a disease, or by other bad things that you don't want to deal with like climate temperature.
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what is cultural mosaics and examples

cultural mosaics is parts that make up something such as myself as a example what make me be me like is I am honest, humorous, smart, over confident and under confident of myself, logical, can be hot headed if i do get set off which is rare, I want to say poetical, and self aware to see who i am and if i like it or not. now what makes the Untied States is its equality to other people, its powerful military, it power to stand by peoples sides holding there hand evrey step of the way when the world needs to change for the better and also the fact that they are trying to solve problems in the outside of our country takes more guts because you have the chance to either have thousands to billions of people liking you as a country or hate you as a country.
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Humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups

Human society made bad choices that have effected the world such as we know of Hitler making people being captive and doing the bad things we know of but we cooperated with each other to make sure he was gone and the other race types are free. now our poor choice was we allowed to have slaves in the U.S back in the older days because I don't think it is even human for us to act like that back then because there are humans not blood money workers but lucky it does not happen anymore as far as I know although people being racist can still happen though sadly but slaves can also happen to anyone as well so don't just think its just a different race it can be anyone that is not able to have there rights and freedom.
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unit 2 power shifting between social groups example

power shifting in social groups is basically a based on how you feel of what is happening around and what type of action are you apart of like the Mexican cartel. if you are apart of the Mexican cartel you want people to either want to of course choose a bad option which is selling all the drugs and didn't get cough. there are many ways of how a person can decide it can be for the good or bad desicion mostly its by not knowing the outcome for the bad and knowing for the good, people also make their choices on what they can believe in.

a little more

In a way its how i hypothesis life is like two things a river and a shift stick of a car depending where you need to shift or flow you will hit the rough edges if you mess up but as long as you can flow/shift yourself back into your position you can make it were you wish for it to be.

Conflicts between other social groups

conflicts can happen between other social groups that you are not even apart which is normal because its okay to agree to not like something that someone else likes just respect there own believes and choices and who people can be with because they have there own control of were they want to be. its there choice to rather be with people that are not like your type of people to hang out with or not. which comes to agree to disagree like for example I am a kid who would want to not deal with any drama and being mean to my own friends along with doing making the right decisions. then there are people that make the opposite dissensions that i just listed if someone wanted to be the trouble maker for drama, not respecting, doing e legal things like drugs, being mean, and of coarse ditching people for a stupid reason. In the end its there choice , life can get back at them hard enough to bounce back to were it first started. I think of it as a ball hitting a wall.
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Section 3 basically part one and two but how it connects in MY life.

The reason why I have migrated into so a couple of places was ether by being forced to move, prices were to expensive, and had some crazy people in my life. like i know its not like happy hunky dory casual move out because we can ( i wished) but it was true mostly it was because of something luckily it only happened at my moms place unlike my dad he had to move out because we were too loud in our apartment in the afternoon it at least was normal but we stilled got kicked out .

my cultural mosaics

my family tree is kind of unique for some examples my dads side tree had a cousin of Gorge Washington and we are suppose to be a cousin of a prince although I don't know but my dads wife knows who it is because she looked up our branch line and last of all our line first settled into New Hampshire. I am Austrian which is part (french and part German at least i believe but if not i am part German and french) , dutch. there is another but i don't really believe it. Not going to lie our dads side of family is unique like we done home made Chinese food on Easter,have a turkey looking ice cream cake for thanks giving name gobbles, and we just in general do very unique things that are different to me and its fun.

my cooperation and how other social groups are like too me

I keep it short and simple when it comes to me, don't judge people ( unless it absolutely needed and i mean it when i say it) but when I get into agree to disagree with other people then i try to talk it out because i can be reasonable to people and try to have it both ways you get what you want i get and ill get what i would want. for example if I want a bit more time to do a project because it cant be done outside of class I have asked to stay after school to finish it and she agreed on the term that i was offering. now how are other social groups are like to me is a little bit different in than i like but yet some are interesting because you have one group that seems nice, normal and cool to listen , the next group would be kind of cool to listen to but yet they make bad decisions, and then the ones i try to avoid which is the group that bad but yet they try to act nice for there own needs.
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bullets and valiots

I was apart of the U.S government along with Alex. All we wanted was to help out the situation as much as we can without harming our countries society because no one should be involved in the problem of the Gorillas and we don't want to get into other peoples mess because they want to cause a rouse for them wanting to be all rebel but in the end the had loss there fate because all they did was killing people.

unlike everyone else we tried to cooperate with each other we worked out what type of leader they needed for there own sake, we made many treaties to give some land to the presents. What I didn't know was we can make our m.s.u points to rise above all the rest of the team which was cool because no matter what we have power to win.

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there was a power shift to this

because when we done a took over everyone was so in the angry mob mood. Which was consecrating and I was kind of scary at first but we talked it out on the leader and it worked out we have multiple leaders to support the presents
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The end of this slide

anyways this was I hope you enjoyed this slide show and have a good day

Sign: Tyler s.

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