Tech 101

Fast and Easy Tips to Make You Look Like A Tech Genius!

January 2015

Boise School District librarians offer this monthly newsletter to provide tips and information about some of the digital resources available to both teachers and students.
All of these programs and tools are available at the Boise Schools Library Portal Page or on individual school library websites.

Culture Grams

Concise, reliable, and up-to-date country reports on 200 cultures of the world. a trusted perspective on our changing world. Browse, print, or study the complete CultureGrams Online Database, including Kids, States, and World Edtions.
CultureGrams in 2 Minutes


With Movenote you can express your presentation with emotions. Simultaneously you can provide documents parallel to your video performance. Movenote synchronizes the video and the side content for you when recording the presentation. Movenote is also available as an extension and add-on for Google Apps.
What is Movenote?

Too Noisy

Anyone who has attempted to keep the noise levels under control of a group of youngsters will appreciate this simple, fun and engaging app.

"Too Noisy" displays graphically the background noise level in a room in a fun and engaging way. If the noise level is acceptable a happy smiling contented graphic is displayed. If the levels of noise increase beyond what the responsible adult has determined as acceptable the graphic changes to reflect the unacceptable noise level. Once the level of noise returns to an acceptable level the graphic automatically returns to the happy contented one.

A paid for version is available for $2.99 which includes extra features, including an alarm sounding when the noise level is too high.

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Google App/Extension Spotlight of the Month

Did you know you can add Extensions to your Google Chrome browser? Extensions are extra features and functionality that you can easily add to Google Chrome. By using extensions, you can customize Google Chrome with features you like, while keeping your browser free of things that you don't use.

An excellent example of this is using the Google URL Shortener, which is available at Or you can go to your Chrome Web Store and install the extension. Use the extension to shorten and copy the new URL to your clipboard right then and there.
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