Digital Footprint:

What it is, impact, and more

What is a Digital Footprint?

A digital footprint is anything that you leave behind online. It is:

  • Your social media accounts.
  • What you post, comment, tweet, favorite, or like.
  • A blog you wrote.
  • A YouTube channel you own.
  • Everything that you have done online and digitally.
  • It is also what other people have put about you online too. Anything anyone tags you in, or mentions your name in, can be found on your digital footprint.
  • Whatever you find when you google your name is also part of your digital footprint.
  • Your digital footprint is everything you have done online.

Why is your digital footprint important?

You may wonder why you should care about a digital footprint. Here's why:

  • A digital footprint is important because it can either help or hurt you.
  • Your digital footprint is what people who do not really know you will judge you on. Employers and colleges will look at what you have online to decide whether or not that want you for their college or workplace. If you have a negative digital footprint, people will not think good about you and not hire or accept you. If you have a positive footprint, people are more likely to hire or accept you to their college or workplace.
  • This means that your digital footprint impacts your future in a very large way, so it is very important.

My Own Digital Footprint

Here are the tools that I use and why:

How these tools impact my digital footprint and what are they saying about me:

  1. Twitter-
  • This impacts my digital footprint because it shows what I am doing in my life.
  • It shows some of the hashtags that I use (EX: #leydenpride), and some of the things I have done in the past couple of days.
  • It can also show the things that I support by who I follow.
  • Twitter can say a lot about me. It tells you who my friends and teachers are by who I follow and it also shows that I support my school by using it's hashtag.

  1. Linkedin-
  • This impact my digital footprint because it shows what I want as a career.
  • It shows the skills I have, things I have done, and where I have volunteered. This can have a positive impact on my digital footprint because it is listing many of my good qualities.
  • It is saying many positive things about me and the possible career that I want in the future.

  1. Facebook-
  • Facebook impacts my digital footprint because it shows what I say to my friends and family.
  • What I post on Facebook can impact me either negatively or positively, so it is important to watch what I post.
  • It says many things about me like who my friends and family are, and how I treat them.

  1. Blogger-
  • My blog impacts my digital footprint because it shows that I took the time to improve myself with my 20% project.
  • It shows that I was committed to the blog by continually posting to it.
  • It says that I took the time to complete a 20% project and that I also took the time to create and continue with my blog.

  1. YouTube-
  • YouTube impacts my digital footprint because it shows videos of what I am doing.
  • If I were to post a negative video, it would impact me in a bad way, but if I post something good, it would show that I am doing something productive with my time.
  • Videos can say a lot about what I am doing and if I am doing something productive.

What can we do to continue to improve our online identity?

There are many ways that I can continue to improve my digital footprint:

  1. I could grow my digital footprint.
  • I should add more positive posts to all of my accounts to show that I am a good person.
  • I should do more things online and continue to add good things like the community service that I have done.

  1. Another way that I can improve my footprint is to make sure that I have and won’t post anything bad online.
  • I should think twice about posting things.
  • I should check over comments before sending them to see if they are truly helping my footprint.

  1. One last way I can improve my footprint is to continue doing some of the things that I am already doing.
  • I should keep adding positive things on topics like "Make a Difference Day" and using the hashtag #leydenpride.
  • All of these things would help me to improve my footprint.
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What’s the most important thing I’ve learned this semester about maintaining a positive Digital Footprint?

The most important thing that I have learned this semester about maintaining a positive digital footprint is that you can always keep improving your footprint. There are always more ways that you can improve what you are doing online, you will never be done creating a positive digital footprint. A person can always add more positive things on their accounts, like volunteer work or sending nice messages out to people. You can delete negative thing that you have done and replace them with positive. You can make new accounts on different medias, and post or tweet uplifting things to people. You can always keep improving your footprint, and that is the most important thing that I have learned this semester.