Cicada's Are Bugs Health Or Not ?

Eating Bugs


Have you ever tried to eat a bug before and you were to digitised to and wonder how our ancestors did this and could handle themselves. Well you might reconsider because in this you will learn how bugs are healthy. And the special adaptations to the Cicadas. And their habitat and also the benefits to eating them. And how to serve them as food and beverages to.

Special Adaptation

Special Adaptation

Cicadas have many special adaptation. Like Cicadas sing during the night this only happens when in the presence of artificial light sources like street lamps, flood lights, a full moon, when it’s really hot, when they’re disturbed or attacked, and over crowded area. Hollow abdominal on the males in order to keep the Cicadas sound. The also have red eyes A small body and wings.


Some Cicadas live in the tropical so they are well known insect that make unique sound. There is 2,500 different kind of types of Cicadas that are alive. Some types of Cicadas live in America they have been recently been popping up in Northeast America. Cicadas live underground for 17 years before they come up. They slowly are emerging from Connecticut to North Carolina. They spend 17 years underground sucking on tree roots. This gives them the taste of Asparagus like flavor.

Benefits to Eating

The Cicada’s have high portion and low crab. And A adult female Cicada have 600 nutritious eggs. Also the Cicada’s are gluten free to. Least but not last how to eat Cicadas.

How to eat Cicada’s

Cicada’s some of you might be wondering how you eat them well there is lots of ways you can eat them. The first way to eat them is name Cicada Pies. Cicada Pies you will need to take off the Cicada’s wings or you can leave them on. You will also need a one full cup of fresh Cicada’s for this recipe. A beverage that have Cicada’s in it is named Red eyes this name has it’s origin from the eyes of the Cicada’s.


Now that you have learned what the Cicada’s can do for you and how you can make them into pies and beverages. Special Adaptations and the Habitat where the bugs you learned about will come from and that might be on your plate? Or not ?

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