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May 9-13, 2016

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Cochran’s vision is to prepare all students to be college or career ready by ensuring mastery level performance at all grade levels.


“Our purpose is to ensure a safe learning environment that provides a rigorous instruction and excellent character development for all students.”



Good attendance is important for many reasons. Our students receive the maximum benefit of education by being in school everyday and numerous studies show a strong link between academic performance and consistent attendance. As we approach our STAAR assessments this week, let's make perfect attendance a priority. Our Attendance for Credit Committee will continue to support and recognize those classrooms with 100% perfect attendance on a weekly basis. Support our committee by engaging in the following for students with habitual absences:

*Call parents and document on your parent contact log

*Make home-visits with our colleagues

*Communicate the importance of attendance through weekly grade-level newsletters

or flyers


Summer Professional Learning and Development

All Dallas ISD teachers are required to attend 14 credit hours outside their work calendar in order to flex two August contract days (Aug 10-11).

2016 Teacher Appreciation Week @NancyJCochran


Stewart Brooks

Although some test anxiety can act as a positive motivator for achievement, excessive amounts can disrupt a student’s ability to perform well and can cause high levels of stress and negative views of school. Please consider the following recommendations for helping students with test anxiety.

Be proactive and notice test anxiety before it becomes a problem.

Look for warning signs in students during testing sessions such as carelessly hurrying through tests, excessive time spent on a few difficult questions, frequent complaints of physical problems before a test, poor performance on incomplete tests, etc.

Model low levels of anxiety in front of your students.

Research shows a correlation between degrees of tension and uneasiness displayed by teachers and levels of anxiety experienced by students in the classroom.


If you have anything that needs to go home with a volunteer please let me know so that they may be notified and ready to take the work.

Remember that with testing days parent volunteers are limited to their activity on campus.

May 11th is Paraprofessional Day and I would like to say THANK YOU to the TA's for everything that you guys and gals do for the students and staff.

This Week at Cochran!

Monday: STAAR Math; Climate Survey went out

Tuesday: STAAR Reading

Wednesday: STAAR Science; Paraprofessional Day!

Thursday: Teacher Jeans Day; STAAR Make Ups

Friday: Teacher Jeans Day; Breakfast Survey DUE

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