Marc Kuhlmann

Story Elements

Unstoppable takes place in a small town Texas during the present. The main conflict in the story is about a boy named Harrison that has a dream to go to the NFL but has a big speed bump in his way. The book begins with Harrison running away from his foster parents for doing some thing he shouldn't have done.

Character Analysis

the main character is Harrison. Three words to describe the main character are strong,unstoppable, and nice. The character is motivated by his dream of joining the NFL. I like the main character because he is dedicated to football and he never gives up when he plays football.


The theme of this novel is drama. one example that supports the theme is he gets made fun of by some of his team mates. Another example is he needs to stay out of fights keep playing football. A third example from the book is that he likes a girl but he dose not know how to ask her. A final example is he gets in a lot of fights.


i give this novel a 9 out o 10.
i think teens can connect to the story because they might know people like Harrison.