Digital Citizenship

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What Is Cyberbulling?

Cyberbulling is when some one is being bullied oner the internet.The bully consistantly posts rude or affensive coments or pictures.

Who Can Help?

If you or anyone you know is being cyber bullied you can contact kids helpline or eheadspace.You could also tell an adult you trust.


What Is Netiquette?

Netiquette is being mean or unreasonable over social media e.gkik , instagram,facebook just to name a few. Netiqette is a new word that combines the words ettiquette and internet.

Online Safety

What is Online Safety

Online safety is protecting your self on the internet.

How can you protect yourself on the internet

. Make a good password and don't tell it to anyone

.Don't share any personal information such as your phone number, school or address

.Be sure to block anyone you don't know.

.Remember stanger danger