Voting Process Unjust?

By Jacob Garnica

The Vote Stops Here

Do you ever wonder where our votes go towards? Today, most vote are determined by certain state and the Electoral College in D.C. The voting process has been changing since it has been established, but now it has become almost a fluke in our society.

The Electoral College

The electoral college in Washington D.C. officially swears in the new president and his/her president. They are elected by special electors instead of being directly voted by citizens. The electoral college also give swing-states a disproportionate influence in elections. This is because certain states have a bigger populace, which in town gives these states greater vote counts.

Rigging Elections

The election process can be unjust because of how ballots can be rigged. Rigging is when opposing parties throw out or switch out vote for their gain in the race for power. The process of rigging then ruins the vote. Rigged votes are mostly overlooked in the ballot counting.

The Rebuttal

The electoral college's purpose, add flawed as it could be, is to keep the votes in balance. It does this by accounting so many votes from a state depending on size. Though, it is doing more harm than good by counting said amount of votes.

The Conclusion

The voting process has changed dramatically throughout the years. Today, with most of your votes not even being counted, it's hard to even truly elect someone. We he people need to challenge the government's ways to make sure every last vote counts.