6th Grade Survival Guide

By: Taylor St.Clair & Wynter Gann

Be Ready!

  1. Have pencils, Chromebook, travel binder, and all supplies needed for your classes.
  2. Go to your locker for supplies during scheduled locker breaks.
  3. Do and bring your homework.

Do's and Dont's of Being Respectful.

Listen to me!

  • Don't talk when the teacher is talking.
  • Do stay out of the drama, it's useless.
  • Don't talk back, unless you want a strike.
  • Do treat others how you want to be treated.

Helpful Hints

  • Keep a planner to write down assignments.
  • Have a homework to keep homework and papers organized.
  • Take notes. It helps with studying for tests.
  • Don't procrastinate. It makes the quality of your work not as good, and it makes you stressed when you rush at the last minute.
  • Develop good study skills. I like to use



  • Join clubs so you can find friends with the same interests.
  • Don't be afraid to talk to other people
  • Be open to new people and friends.

Chromebook Care

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