By: Cassidy

Fun facts

1. Raccoons are medium sized mammals.

2. Raccoons are largest of the procyonoid family.

3. Raccoons habitat is dedidious.

4. The raccoons social behavior is based off of gender.

More facts

1. The raccoons habitat is a forest

2. They live up to 14-28 years

3. Raccoons group name is gaze

4. The raccoons diet is fruit

5. The raccoon lives in 7 acres of forest

6. A female raccoon can have up to 1-6 or 3-5 babys

These are some photos of raccoons I found

Some past questions.

How long does a raccoon sleep?

When does the raccoon sleep? Day or night?

Can raccoons see really well at night?

Why do raccoons look like they have masks?