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The pheonicians established colonies around the rim of the Mediterranean during eleven hundred through 700 hundred bc

Geographic location

Around the rim of the Mediterranean is where they started of the Phoenician main cities but it is said that they might have made settlements in the Iberian peninsula, all the way to present day England, and even to the southern tip of Africa.

Advanced Cities

Major cities


At the center of that maritime empire and provided a secure base


Major trading center

fell in 333BCE


Main harbor for trade

does not exist today


First colony to attempt to settle outside of Egypt

Social structure

Many of them traded with the Greeks, some phoenicians had special jobs as architects and even worked for Egyptians and Greeks for their skills. Some of them were even forced to make glass and purple dye for paintings and pottery. They also had soldiers.


The worship included of El who was portrayed as the horns of a bull, the great sun god baalhamnon, and the moon goddess tanit, and the Tryian Melkark. Human sacrifices were not know but evidence shows that the Carthaginians brought those Eastern cultural traditions. They sacrificed first born animals and humans.


It was governed by the constitution an aristocratic public, with two chiefs that are elected. This was true until the successful Phoenicians in defeating most of their enemies were finally taken over by the Persian empire which was ruled by Cyrus the great. The Persian empire had many imperial systems and was know for its great amount of wealth, beauty, and style.

System of writing

They had a 22 character Semitic alplabet which replaced cuneiform. The language was very similar to their neighbors, the Assyrians, but their language was a bit more advanced and was an improvement on the pictograms and hieroglyphs systems used in the past.

Technology contributions

They were known for carving ivory because they used advanced tools. They were the first ones to modify animal tooth's and tusk effectively.

Primary recourses

This is a picture of their alphabet
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Established during eleven hundred to seven hundred BCE. The Phoenicians were a very advanced civilization who loved to trade with the Greeks and

invented their own language but were also known for their pottery and glass makings.