PBSES Update: Important Info

March 12th, 2021

Happy Friday!

This Newsletter will cover:

  • Spirit Days
  • Assembly Reminders
  • SEL Lesson Updates
  • Tier 1: Bear Tickets
  • Inspirational Words from Mr. Rogers

Spirit Days

Green Day: March 17th

Wear your favorite shade of green!

Music Appreciation Day: March 24th

Wear your favorite band or music shirt!

*Don't forget to post photos on our Padlet by clicking here!

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Assembly: Action Requested

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Assemblies are approaching! Please have your grade level time into Heather McD by Monday.

Action Requested: Your students set New Year's Resolution goals about 3 months ago! It is time to do a check in! Did they meet or make progress towards their goal? Have students share their goal and achievements through a short submitted video. Please upload it to flipgrid, youtube or Office 365 and have them share it with Heather McD. It could be featured in our next assembly!

All submission should be in by next Friday!

SEL Lesson Updates

You are probably approaching the end of your SEL Second Step lessons soon. The district PBSES team had a sub committee working on extension lessons for you. Please see and click below for the resources.

Social Emotional Learning Resources: Spring 2021

SEL Pacing Guide 2021

You can also find the SEL extension lessons imbedded in the ELs.

Please reach out if you need anything or if you have any questions!

TLS ISD Essential Learnings for Trimester 3

Tri3 Essential Learnings


Essential Learning Kindergarten – Trimester 3


Essential Learning 1st Grade – Trimester 3


Essential Learning 2nd Grade – Trimester 3


Essential Learning 3rd Grade – Trimester 3


Essential Learning 4th Grade – Trimester 3


Essential Learning 5th Grade – Trimester 3

Tier 1: Bear Tickets

Bear Tickets are our school-wide Tier 1 system created by the PBSES team! We encourage all staff members to pass out Bear Tickets when students are following the expectations. Bear tickets can be given individually or to the entire class! Teachers, when you have filled your Bear Ticket Tracker, please email Heather McD and she will get you a Bear Paw on the next Friday.

Please see the information below for more details around Bear Tickets.

Where to find Bear Tickets/Bear Tracker:

Bear Tickets are located in front of the staff mailboxes (in the Bear Ticket plastic container). The physical Bear Ticket Tracker is located in the Staff Lounge by the PBSES Board. You can also access the Powerpoint Bear Ticket Tracker below.

Bear Tracking System

· 0-4 Bear Paws- 35 Bear Tickets = A Bear Paw (A bronze paw will be rewarded on the 5th paw)

· 5-9 Bear Paws- 40 Bear Tickets= A Bear Paw (A silver paw will be rewarded on the 10th paw)

· 10-14 Bear Paws- 45 Bear Tickets= A Bear Paw (A gold paw will be rewarded on the 15th paw)

· 15-19 Bear Paws- 50 Bear Tickets= A Bear Paw (A rainbow paw will be rewarded on the 20th paw)
Briarwood Bear Ticket Video

Inspirational Words from Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers Greatest Advice EVER - MOST Inspirational Speech
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