Just a Drop of Water

Kerry O'Malley Cerra- Nicole Kim


I'll start by introducing the characters. The main character and protagonist is Jake Green. He is a brave and determined boy. His friend, Sam, has changing feelings throughout the story. Bobby, the antagonist is friendly at first, but after 9/11, things change, and him and his friends change their attitude to others. Jake's parents are caring, but his mom can be anxious sometimes. Other Characters: Madinas', Mr. and Mrs. Wilkey, Jake's grandparents, Uncle Hugh


This story takes place in September 2001. It is in Coral Springs, Florida.


Jake Green is determined to beat the rival cross country team. But the tragedy of 9/11 happens, and it changes everything. One of the hijackers lived in their town, and the Madinas' get into trouble. Sam and Aamber are discriminated, and Mr. Madina is taken by the FBI. Soon, deep secrets are discovered, putting Jake in the middle of all of them. Jake must decide what to do.