Internet Making Our Brains..

Jonathan P., Marilyn R., Yagaira M., Johnathan G.


The article,"Internet making our brains different, not dumb" speaks about how the internet can be a great source of information that can be easily accessed and over the years it will allow people as a whole to get smarter.

The text adds,"people's use of the Internet has enhanced human intelligence; as a people are allowed unprecedented access to more information,they become smarter and make better choices." and ".. that perhaps individuals will lose their way,but that as society, we'll get smarter collectively."


The internet enhancing human intelligence

Why is this important?

Is the internet really lowering our IQ?

Will we loose our penmanship by using the internet?


Many people question weather or not the internet is a great source, or if it us people not knowing how to use it.


"We may loose our ability to write, in the literal sense that students are no longer taught penmanship...we will either type or print like 8 year-olds."

Ultimately in the end, society will decide where we go from here. Whether or not the internet enhances our culture or hinders it. It's up to the human race to properly use the technological resources that are available to us. The internet is here to stay where we like or not.

Solution to the internet?

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