The Philippine Eagle

A Look at the endangered


The Philippine Eagle is a critically endangered animal that lives in the forests of the Philippines. This bird is also known as the monkey eating eagle. This eagle has brown and white feathers covering its body. The eagle is 86-102 centimeters (2.82-3.35 feet) in length. It is also 4.7-8 kilograms which is 10-18 pounds. It has a wingspan of 184-202 centimeters which is also 6.04-6.63 feet. (wiki)


The eagle's flight is fast and agile, resembling a smaller hawk. This hawk like bird, has heavy yellow legs with large, and powerful claws. The Philippine Monkey Eating Eagle will hunt in pairs. One will act as a distraction while the other will come up from behind for a stealthy attack.(wiki)


As mentioned before, the eagle is listed as critically endangered by Wikipedia. The primary reason is deforestation. This happens mainly by logging companies,and growing agriculture. There are about 180 - 500 eagles alive in the Philippines. Killing this eagle under Philippine law will send you to jail for at least 12 years. The Philippine Eagle is the national bird, and is prized highly.(wiki)

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