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How to Convert M4A to MP3

So there is a M4A file on your laptop and you don’t know how to open it or even what type of a file it is; and your windows operating system tells you it can’t be opened. Many a times, we come across files on our laptops or phone which is not supported by our phone. One of such file formats that many phones do not support is the M4A file format. For all those who are wondering what it is and are searching about it, here is the answer.

What is a M4A Format?

A M4A format is a file extension of a MPEG-4 Audio file.M4A, also known as AAC is said to have better sound quality than MP3. M4A is supported by iTunes and iPod as it helps store more music. It takes less space when compared to MP3 files in case of music and thus is sometimes a more preferred option. In some cases, M4A format can be for a file that is only a text file with information in it.

How to Convert from M4A to MP3?

Well, MP3 is the most popular file format and any device plays mp3 format. There are 2 ways to convert a M4A file.

• One is to open the file and when saving the open file to save it in another file format.
• The second is to use a downloaded file converter or software to convert it to MP3 or other formats.

Why to Convert from M4A to MP3?

Many media players work with the MP3 format. No wonder many people prefer converting their music so that it is compatible with their players. There are various free MP3 converters and paid MP3 converters available on the net that help in converting music to Mp3. Those who don’t own an Apple product find the M4A file format difficult to play, as Windows and Android majorly use MP3 formats. It’s a lot easier to covert to MP3 as it is supported by many devices. That’s why the decision to buy free mp3 converter can be quite a good one.

What Converters can be used?

There are a range of converters present in the market including different free mp3 converters that can help you play music without any hassle. A person can decide if he wants to download a free one or a paid one to convert his or her files. Even though paid MP3 converters have more options than free MP3 converters; a free mp3 converter often fulfills the personal needs of the user.

A word of advice

In some cases when a person is not sure if the file is a music file or not, it is advised to use a notepad or any text editing software to open the M4A file. This is because many files are only text files no matter what extension is used. A text editing software can be used to properly display the contents of the file. In some cases it may not be a text file but it’s worth a try of course, instead of wasting time downloading converter software and it turning out to be just a text file. Perhaps you will be better off by buying a paid free mp3 converter – as that is the most viable option.

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