Mariachi Música

By: Elizabeth Raines

Where is Mariachi played, listened, and danced to most of the time?

Mariachi is played, listened, and danced most at birthdays, celebrations, weddings, restaurants, and strolling down streets.
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Who are the people associated with this type of music?

The people that are associated with Mariachi is groups of musicians dressed in charro suits that compass the essence of Mexico and its people.
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What is the origin of Mariachi?

Mariachi originated in the southern part of Jalisco in the 19th century. It is the sum of cultural evolution that takes place in Mexico.
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What are other musical influences of Mariachi?

Some other musical influences of Mariachi groups are cultural, tradition, love, betrayal, death, politics, hero's, and animals.

What are the main instruments, vocals or arrangements?

The main instruments of Mariachi are the violin, vihuela, guitar, guitarron, trumpet, and sometimes flute, french horn, and organ. The Mariachi usually has 6-8 violins, 2-3 trumpets, 1 vihuela, 1 guitar, and 1 guitarron. There are many different vocals in Mariachi, such as bolero for romantic songs, jalisiense for aggressive songs and huapango for songs in between.

Mariachi Sol de Mexico- El Rey de La Huasteca

What social, cultural events or traditions is the music associated with?

Mariachi bands are usually played at Mexican weddings, parties, parades and more.

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Are there special costumes associated with the music?

They will wear a charro usually black which is a black suit and vest with silver buttons. They will also wear a wide brimmed sombrero. There clothing is usually called the Traje de Charro.

Who are some of the most famous artists associated with the music?

Some famous artists of Mariachi are Vicente Fernadez, Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Alejandro Femandez, Joan Sebastian, and Rocio Durcal.

What dances, if any, are associated with this music?

A traditional dance technique is the zapateado, the technique originated from Spain. The females would wear a hand-woven shawl and a bright sequined skirt and would dance along to the music of the Mariachi and the men would just beat there heels against the floor.
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Mexican Hat Dancers with Live Mariachi