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December 19, 2014

School News

Awesome Week

Emotional adjectives abound for the week before Winter Break, but the one I want to focus on is EXCITEMENT! This week has been filled with excited students and staff ready to showcase their hard work at concerts and performances. Students and teachers excited about new beginnings with the start of a new the Unified Arts rotation. Students excitedly satisfied with their theater going experience to A Christmas Carol. Students and Staff enthusiastic about new learning and culminations of things learned with final assessments. Of course, I can't forget the excitement everyone has about the upcoming break to breathe, refocus, and relax.


  • Students immersed in collaboration around all types of learning.
  • Teachers sharing with colleagues around best practices.
  • Students learning about different cultures and global problems that we don't face in our country.
  • Middle School focused instruction that has students up and moving as they engage with the content at hand.
  • Students dressed to nines to see A Christmas Carol
  • A sense of community and belonging in the classroom. The mutual respect in the teachers' classroom provided a safe environment where students felt comfortable taking risks.
  • A teacher able to assess his or her lesson and shift-gears when some students weren't getting and try a different approach.
  • Teachers fully prepared to deliver their lessons and students responded accordingly. There was very little down time and the majority of students were engaged in the lesson.
  • Lessons were interactive.Students became teachers and teachers became facilitators.
  • Sapphire's team-wide effort to create the perfect small cafe seating chart to encourage positive social interactions (shhhh, the students don't know about this yet)
  • Math students reflecting on their errors and concisely describing, in writing, what they can to to fix that mistake and avoid similar errors in the future.
  • Teachers releasing responsibility to students and allowing them to work collaboratively to solve problems
  • Teachers pulling small groups of students with similar needs to work on specific skills

Faculty Pot Luck --January 7th ---It's a Chili Cook Off Baby!

Let's welcome the New Year by focusing on our Big Rocks with a shared meal and a little foodie competition.

Join us for a Chili Cook Off Potluck. Please sign up for what you'll bring as we prepare to chow down and break bread together on Wed. January 7th from 2:00-3:15 and then focus on helping our students succeed through Student Success Planning.

We are asking each staff member to also come with a picture from your holiday break for our table talk activity.

Gem Award to:

  • Troy Jones from colleague Joy Wright for helping me in a pinch twice this month. Thank You!
  • Liz D'Attilio for bringing the gingerbread bread house activity to KP Diamond students. It is a great way to engage cooperation, creativity, & a little competition while supporting a great cause as they will be given to liven up the "We are the Children Holiday Party" sponsored by 96.5FM held on December 25th.
  • Margie Scobbo from admin colleagues for creating a WL Stretch activity where students could use their knowledge and enhance their skills to give to others by creating books in Spanish for children spending the holidays at CCMC.

Sylvie Weinstock has created a Nutrition Survey for students to take. Students will be e-mailed this link. We are asking that you make chromebooks available for them to respond during MA and LL on Monday and Tuesday. Thank You.

Staff raffle-- --two prizes what will it be? You choose out of the box! Next Drawing on Monday

Winner's List

  • Maggie Carey - Amazon gift card (12-19)
  • Paul Duquette - Amazon gift card (12-19)
  • Jessica Condon - Panera (12-18)
  • Alison Lessard - Dunkin Donuts card (12-18)
  • Marnie Paulus - Starbucks gift card. (12-17)
  • Denise DeMello - Dunkin Donuts card (12-17)
  • Gina Pudlo - Panera gift card (12-15)
  • Pete Gustafson - Starbucks gift card. (12-15)

Didn't win this time? No worries, there is 1 more drawing-on Monday with 2 more prizes.

Best Wishes

Best Wishes to Kelly Schumacher as she leaves KP after four years to pursue her dream as a Special Education teacher at Hartford Public High School!


FEED BACK NEEDED on Lunch & Learn

KP Alumni and KP Parent Performances

Former KP and Hall student, drummer Jimmy Macbride, will be performing with the great jazz tenor saxophonist Jimmy Greene at the Side Door Cafe in Old Lyme CT, January 2 & 3, 2015. Jimmy Greene just released his CD Beautiful Life, a musically and emotionally moving recording dedicated to his 6-year-old daughter Ana who was one of the children whose life was taken in the Sandy Hook tragedy two years ago. KP Parent Latanya Farrell is also featured singing a moving piece on the album. Love Wins!

Upcoming Events

  • Hot Cocoa served in the faculty room for staff from 7:30-10:30am.
  • Unified Theater Performance --Smile! You're On Camera--at 7:00pm--Auditorium
  • Staff Raffle

December 22nd

  • Final Staff Raffle

December 23rd

December 24th-January 2nd

  • WINTER BREAK --Woo Hoo!

January 5th

  • Kindness Kickoff with whole school read-a-loud --60 min delay schedule --75 min extended MA

January 7th

  • Building CSI --Chili Potluck & Student Success

Alita Moses performing in Tap and Jazz

Nominate for the WHPS Teacher of the Year and the PRESIDENTIAL AWARD!


Great Article about Cognitive Intervention--Good Stuff!

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