The Lost Hero

Rick Riordan

The Lost Hero

Author:Rick Riordan

Publisher:Hyperion Books




Jason has a problem.Piper has a secrect.Leo has a way with tools.Jason wakes up with amnesia on this bus.Jason had no idea where he was there was one girl named Piper and a boy named Leo.Leo said he was Jason best freind and Piper was his girl friend.

Jason found out that he is the son a greek god.He dad was the god of the sky.Piper always carried her dagger on her side.Leo always had a tool kit.Leo builded a metal dragon that they rode around town.Jason mom abanned him when he was little he was by wolfs

Kirkus Review

The Kirkus review says that the book has stretched-out action.The book has awkward dialogue how it changes the point of veiw every three paragraphs.The Greek vs Roman tension tantalizes but only after the lengthy denouement does it begin to take real shape making this feel more like very long exposition than a complete story.

School Library Journal Review and just a normal review on same page

Riordans story telling is as good as ever.The story has wit,action,and heart.The young heros deal with real life teen age jason didnt know who he was.piper doesnt know her father he has been missing for years

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