IS BEAST!!!!!!

Land And Climate

  • Nicaragua covers 50,336 sq. miles
  • The climate is tropical.
  • The average tempature is 80 degrees F.
  • The dry season is from November to May.
  • There are accasionally destructive hurricanes.
  • The large forests are located in mountain areas

History and Goverment

  • In 1552 the Spanish defeated Nicaragua
  • They were ruled by Spain until 1821
  • After a deadly earthquake General Somoza stole relief supplies.
  • That started a Civil War.
  • General Somoza was banished from Nicaragua.
  • There are 15 provinces.
  • You have to be to vote is 16.


  • Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America.
  • The Economy is the goverments biggest problem.
  • They have a patential for a much stronger economy.
  • 46% live in Poverty.