Racism In America

By: Mario Cornejo

Does Racism Still Exist

Racism still exist and the problem is not getting any better it is getting worse. This is happening because people deny the facts that racism still exist. This all starts from when slavery is brought In America around the 16th century from the Spanish. After this, racism becomes a great problem in America. (Leading Issues Timeline)

Racism in Sports

This is the racism that we are know and are use to today. The common type we see is in sports, the most famous people athletes of all time are Black such as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. Because these athletes were really successful in their sports people blame it on their type of race that is the reason why they are successful. A perfect example of this is Jackie Robinson when people were looking for reasons of his race of why he was good in baseball. (The Nation)

Racial Profiling

Racial profiling is a well known thing in America a common one is police brutality against the minorities because of their certain race. Most of racial profiling that leads to police brutality was because of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. Because of these acts of terrorism people have used these events to justify their reasons on racial profiling by saying it is for security reasons. A perfect example of this is at the airport how the minorities are more looked at then others. (Anup Shah)

Racism in Politics

Racism in politics has never been a problem until we have had a black president.

For example, the "right wingers" or conservatives (who work in the White House) claiming that Obama's middle name "Hussein" is a Muslim middle name and claim that he is an anti-Christ is just ignorant. Racism is not only used on the streets it is also used in the Capital. (Anup Shah)


In conclusion, racism in America still exist and it is not getting better it is getting worse. This is happening from people ignoring the facts that this needs to be solved. These problems are built from years and years of the lack of trying to solve the problem. This problem is now a global thing and can lead to our own destruction politically and socially.

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