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Sports advantages:

Basketball can give athletes the concentration and perseverance.

The most important thing in basketball is the development of human Hayntiligtzih, and develops thinking and decision-making. There is one thing you need to play basketball, is honesty and respect for others and for the rules of the game.

What is special in this sport activity

Basketball is a game ball that play against each other two groups of five basketball players each, and is one of the most popular competitive sports world.

in Basketball you gain points through throwing the ball into the opponent's basket

Basketball doesn’t build character, it reveals one.

Michael Jordan

Basketball player Michael Jordan is an American past. Jordan is considered the best player in basketball history, and was a great success helped publish the NBA around the world in the 80s and 90s. Jordan joined the Chicago Bulls in 1984, and soon became one of the most prominent stars in the best league in the world. Michael Jordan , which was reflected, in part, dunks from the foul line, earned him the nicknames "Air Jordan", and "God".