Asian Longhorned Beetles

come and learn about asian longhorned beetles

what are asian longhorned beetles?

Asian long horned beetles are invasive forest pest.Too identify Asian long horned beetles you have to look for a 2-4 cm beetle with a shiny black color,with white spots,bluish white legs,long black and white banded antennae one two times its body length.
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Where do Asian longhorn beetles come from?

The beetle was believed to arrive in North America in the wooden packing material used in cargo shipments from China.The beetles were first found when infesting trees in the green point of Brooklyn.It is believed that the beetles entered the U.S in wood pallets holding pipes shipped from China.This beetle was spread from Asia in solid wood packeging material that was shipped to other places/countries.

What does the Asian long horned beetle do?

The Asian long horned beetle has infested and killed thousands of trees in New York City,northern New Jersey ,Chicago,Ohio,and Toronto.The beetle is extremely destructive.The beetle kills a huge variety of hardwood trees.Asain long horned beetles damage and kill maple trees which can stop Canada producing maple syrup.They enter the heartwood of the tree destroying the quality of the wood,while feeding by large numbers can kill trees.
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facts about the Asian long horned beetle

~Asian long horned beetle adults are large,insects measuring 20 to 35 mm in length and 7 to 12 mm wide.

~females live an average of 40 days and are capable of laying up to 80 eggs.

~female adults chew a pit on the bark and insert a single egg it resembles a grain of rice and hatches in 1-2 weeks.

~the beetle has no natural enemies within Canada's forest