40% Off All PODs!!

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Our Ava Anderson team has been working for many months to bring our three avaHOME pod products in house and are thrilled to announce that we will be doing so soon. We will update you when it launches. In order to give a break between the end of one product and start of another, we want to give you time to purchase our remaining pod inventory! As of today the pods are going on sale – 40% off. Stock up! The new formulations coming in house are significantly reduced in price, and will be in powder form, not pods - two things we have been asked to do for a long time by many!

bleach alternative pods (s/2) are $17.95 - now $10.77
dish pods (s/2) are $25.90 - now $15.54
laundry pods (s/2) are $23.90- now $14.34
dish/laundry pods (s/2) are $24.90 - now $14.94

www.avaandersonnontoxic.com/jessicakrause (party ID 125390)

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Thinking about hosting an avaHOUR? This month is THE BEST MONTH to do-so.....DOUBLE REWARDS!!! I have a few dates still available for January. Reach out to me to schedule yours before they're all booked up! jessicakrause.aa.nontoxic@gmail.com.
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