By: Amanda Gordon

religion and traditions

the leader of the tiguas is called a Cacique. The Tigua still respect their ancestor's religious beliefs by performing many of the old ceremonies, dances and songs.They have a drum that is very old they use in these ceremonies. The drum has been handed down for generations and no one knows how old it is.

where they lived

the Tigua lived in the mountains and basins in the southwest. because of the climate, resources, and state they lived in they became farmers farmers. Although they are farmers they did not own any land they just found land and used it. they live in houses called Puebloan adobe houses. they also made houses using what is called jackal.

wepons and tools they used

they made a lot of pottery. most of it was used to hold store food. A horno is a kind of oven used by Pueblo Indians to cook bread and tortillas in.


the men hunted rabbits and dear and bears, and other wild animals. the women and children would go to find wild foods like berries.