by Kathryn Erskine

Book Review

  • Setting: The setting takes place mostly in Caitlin's house and at her school in 2012 after the elementary school shooting in Connecticut . I have never been to a place where there was a shooting and i did not like the situation because it was to sad. i would not want to be in that time period because i don't think i could handle all of that drama.

Main Character

Catilin is the main character in the book. she is a shy, but loud, nice, but sometimes mean, and she has Asperger Syndrome. Catilin has brown curly hair and is 5'4 and has pale greenish and mixed with blue eyes. she loves to draw but does not color her drawings. she does change in a way by making a friend and finally finding closure after her brother died. I would love to be friends with her because she seems very interesting to be around.

Other characters

Devon was Caitlin's brother and he was one of the kids at the elementary school to get shot.

Father is a very outgoing guy and love to make everyone around him happy.

Michael is Caitlin's new best friend and his mom was shot in the shooting to so they decided to become friends.

Caitlin and what I learned

I liked Caitlin because she was a very interesting girl and she seemed to be fun to hang around. I also liked her because in the book it said she loves to draw and that she was good at it, so maybe she would be able to help me.

I learned that its not always easy to find closure and that it might take a while but you have to be patient for it to come to you.

Beginning and middle

In the beginning of course the first thing that happened was the shooting. Everyone was at school and they heard gun shots an people screaming and crying. Caitlin did not know what was going on till she heard her brother got shot in the act. It was very hard for people to understand what happened that day, especially for Caitlin. Everyone kept crying and trying to find closure. Caitlin was very upset because for her it seemed like everyone was finding closure, but her and her dad. she looked every where for closure, but could not find it


In the end she found out what she needed for her and her father to find closure. Her brother was in cub scouts and he had a project that he did not finish. She decided that in order to find closure she had to finish it for him. After Caitlin finished the chest she felt so much better and put it in her room. She put everything that Devon gave to her in the chest.

The problem and theme

The problem was that Caitlin was having trouble finding closure and she solved her problem by finishing a chest that Devon did not get to finish.

Theme: you have to be patient

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