Social Worker

Melissa Bramwell Period 2

What Social Workers Do:

There are two types of social workers: Direct service social workers and clinic social workers. Direct service social workers help people solve and cope with problems in everyday life. Clinic social workers diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional issues.

Duties and Responsibilities of Social Workers

As a social worker, there can be a lot of responsibilities. Some of which include identify people who need help, so they can make sure they are better and won't do anything bad, develop plans to help the client's well being, help clients adjust their lives, respond to crisis situations (this can have a huge impact on the clients life.),help clients get resources and lastly follow up with clients to make sure their well being has improved. When they follow up it is showing that they care.

Working Schedule, Working locations, and Pay

Most social workers work full time during the day.They can work weekends and evenings if they have to see a client. A social worker can find a job in the following places: hospitals/clinics, nursing homes, community mental health centers, private practices, schools, colleges, substance abuse clinics and lastly military bases. Each and everyone of these places will use and need social workers. Each year, the average a social worker makes is about $47,230. Each place can pay differently.

Education Needed

To start being a social worker, you need a bachelor's degree. Most places would like you to then get a masters' degree. Depending on who you are working for, they may want you to get licensed. That can include 2 years or 3,000 hours of supervised clinical experience after graduation. Colleges that offer this are University of Chicago and University of Washington. In college, anyone who wants to be a social worker should take psychology or sociology. The pictures below are of the colleges. The top of is University of Chicago and the bottom is University of Washington.

Skills Required/ Transferable Skills

Social Workers have to have certain skills. Some skills can include, being kind, knowing how to manage time and being organized. My transferable skills include being compassionate, a good listener, people skills and knowing how to solve problems.

Job Outlook

This job has a 25% growing rate. The demand for family social workers will continue to grow because there a child abuse cases etc. However, growth in this may be limited by budget constraints at all levels of government. The need for social workers in substance abuse clinics and schools will increase by 31%.

Advanced Opportunities or Related Jobs

An advanced job from being a social worker would be a health educator. A health educator teaches people about behaviors or promote wellness. The develop programs and materials to encourage people to make healthy decisions. Related jobs would be psychologists, rehab counselor, school/career counselor, and social service manager.

Resources Used:

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