Family Night Week at OG

Dear Orchard Gardens Families,

We want to congratulate you on the FANTASTIC job you have done to connect your child/children to this non-traditional school year. Despite it all, you and your child have pushed through it all. We appreciate all your hard work, enthusiasm and willingness to try new ways of learning!!

We want for you and your child/children to have some fun!! The staff at Orchard Gardens will be hosting a series of family events called Family Night Week at OG. It will be a week full of fun filled events led by our very own and very talented staff. You can join as many events as you want or you can join one. Each night you will have the opportunity to come together to participate in fun activities. We would love your presence!!! The schedule is below and the link will follow.

Our hope is to see you and your child/children have lots of fun!! Please save the dates and do not forget to fill out the registration form (you are welcomed to join as many sessions as you want).

We look forward to seeing you during Family Night Week!!

Stay safe!!

Thank you.

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