April 4, 2016

What's Up in the Tech World

Welcome to April!

Hi all,

I am not sure I have much to share this week. Jenni Matthewson and I spent Thursday and Friday in Manchester Tennessee at a Google Apps for Education summit. We participated in 4 workshops each day to learn more about Google Apps.
I will be back to the normal schedule this week (hopefully). Lower Campus: I will be with you Monday and Thursday. I am so looking forward to seeing my younger friends! Upper Campus: I will be with you Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I participated in a great workshop on Breakout Edu. I think Tammi B. may have also seen this at the science conference. It is based on the very popular Escape Rooms. I have included a link below to learn more.

Jenni and I both learned more about Google Forms and Google Maps. We learned how to use a form to gather infomration (where people were born, where they live now, etc.) and then take the information and put it on a Google Map. The presenter showed us several options: She had put all of the Newberry award winning books on a map based on the setting. The students at her school had mapped all the trees on their campus (it was a larger campus).

Have a great week! I am sure I will have more to share next week. I am developing an interactive unit on Johnny Tremain. When I finish, I will share the link.