I Have Bad Feeling About This

Jasir Christmas #1


The story is mostly set at Strongwoods Survival Camp, a camp in the middle of the forest with a 5 mile dirt road leading to it. The camp looks like" the victim of a zombie apocalypse" and the sign for the place looks like it was written in blood. The camp also last 2 weeks long and anything electronic isn't allowed. It's run by a drill sergeant like guy named Max.

Main Character

The main character of the story is a 16 year old kid obsessed with video games whose name is Henry Lambert. He and his best friend, Randy, go to the camp in hope of having fun. At the camp they meet three other kids, Jackie, Stu, and Erik, who also didn't want to be there.


Max tests the boys' abilities at surviving the wilderness in certain scenarios like the zombie apocalypse or a plane crash in the middle of nowhere. The boys struggle to get through the camp without their phones. On the first day of camp, Henry got on Max's nerves and was forced to sleep outside while the others slept in the barracks.

Rising Action A

One of Max's old friends owes a gang leader his money and says that Max has the money. The leader's name was Mr. Grand and was heading towards the camp. Meanwhile, Henry is out in the forest with nothing but a bow and some arrows by the campfire. He hears rustling in a nearby bush and grabs the bow but it's just a girl from a camp 5 miles away. Her name was Monica

Rising Action B

The Strongwoods Survival Camp Survival Games were about to begin and the boys were ready. When it started, everyone except the most athletic/strongest of the kids ran deep into the woods. Only 30 minutes in Erik got Henry out and returned to the barracks, where Max was. Only to find out that Max was shot by Mr. Grand and his two sidemen.


Henry gets spotted, but luckily escapes to find the others who are scattered around the forest. Amazingly he gets everyone together after some trial and error along with Monica's help. the defeated the goons, tied them up and called the police. Ten years in the future, Henry and Monica get married and gets a movie about the camp incident that was 100% inaccurate. Henry, Monica, and Randy then reopen the camp and become the leaders