#beingr @Rossett

The Daily Newspaper for the 3R's week

Tuesday's Edition of #beingr @Rossett

Tuesday in the 3R's week has seen a huge amount of #beingr check out the photo highlights and the tweets below.

#beingr in Music

@rossettmusic: Well done to all those who performed @Rossett acoustic night last week. Performing music is the Three R's in action! #beingr

@rossettmusic: Well done to Mrs Bromhead's Y8 Music. Using Edmodo to reflect on Three R's qualities. @Rossett #beingr

#beingr in PE

@Mike_Sweetman: @Rossett #beingr Yr7 boys reach semi final of area cup tonight after beating Q Ethelburgas tonight. Well done boys!

@pauldavidmac: Learning mat on fitness components, tests & methods of training for my BTEC grp. 3R's week @rossett #beingr http://t.co/V5AWl1sP8k

@MissMooneyPE: @Rossett Girls being resilient in their dance routines ready for their assessment, #beingr http://t.co/g9pfDPuKrN

#beingr in English

@MissToll: Y7s are #beingr @Rossett today by being responsible for making their poetry booklets as brilliant as they can be http://t.co/SSBv3W0gsm

@MissToll: How awesome is Archie's lion drawing?! Definitely #beingr with this awesome illustration! Wish I could draw like this http://t.co/wOAt3rqDHV

@FloTrought: Y7@Rossett- independently creating anthologies. So responsible! #beingr http://t.co/d9dyrWERVD

@FloTrought: Y8 groups work out what the WW1 poetry means. Resilience @Rossett #beingr http://t.co/S3I1RNyyyS

@MissToll: Brilliant evidence of #beingr from y8 @Rossett today. Check out these amazing responses for their #TakeAwayHmk! http://t.co/rcCYhEHRe5

#beingr in History

@Westylish: My GCSE class #beingr by finding new information to add to their Popplet on Tactics in the Vietnam War @rossett http://t.co/pRhdAJr9D3

@Westylish: Using Tellagami and Popplet to explain why the Baron's rebelled against King John #beingr @rossett https://t.co/a6x1e8oS9q

#beingr in Science

@MrSykelotron: Good resilience by year 8 students when building parallel circuits @Rossett #beingr http://t.co/N3BkzgsxmG

Year 9 science group produce 'Sports Injury' posters showing the 3 R's: working independently (Responsible), researching answers themselves (Resilience) and self-assessing against a grid to decide when finished (Reflective).

@MsBracher: Year 10s working responsibly during practical work investigating 'the chill factor' @Rossett #beingr http://t.co/FsF5pHbyhZ

#beingr in Business Studies

@MissKBirkett: GCSE @rossett Business students being responsible,searching for meaning of key terms around the room #beingr http://t.co/d65lQcemtU

#beingr in PSHEE

@Mrs_Kenwood: As #Dumbledore knows, we're all RESPONSIBLE for stopping bullying, no matter who the bullies are... @Rossett #beingr http://t.co/agc2g22YaX

@FloTrought: Shoeboxes for St. Martin's Hospice. My form rule. 7TG@Rossett #beingr http://t.co/OpSWtqZhmy

@MissKBirkett: Great comments from the 10BK girls @El_louise_wh @KatieLofthouse5 & Laura Bailey in @Westylish 's 3Rs video. #setthebar

@Westylish: There are 8 forms in year 10 and 10WT have 9 students in the top 30! You do the maths! #beingr #heroics http://t.co/NNHYJOZ3DA

#beingr in Art

@MFWarden: Y9 GCSE Art students @Rossett #beingr and acting on feedback to improve drawings http://t.co/PvqfJ3qsne

@MFWarden: #beingr in Art @Rossett by taking responsibility for linking photography, drawings and artist research! http://t.co/4PSu6337Qw

#beingr in Maths

@mrhopkinsmaths: @Rossett #beingr year 9 being resilient as they create their own scale drawing of the solar system http://t.co/gWnFkiQC5L

#beingr in Geography

Students use reflection wheels to develop their understanding ofthe causes of earthquakes.

#beingr in R.E.P.

@MissVeitch: Amaan and Mollie have been teaching me how Buddhist use the 3rs! #beingr http://t.co/H8Z0mPwckV
The 3 R's Culture of Learning @Rossett