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May 20, 2099

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Dear Advice Giver,

My name is Daisy, and I'm really stuck. My parents think I'm destined to marry someone. He is very wealthy, he has a 4.0 GPA but he's not very good looking. And I've never really liked him at all. Also, I just found out that our parents are planning a wedding! My mother is making me shop for a dress and pick out a cake. But, recently I met this other boy who I really like. He's not rich but not poor, not the smartest but he went to college and he's stunning. We both love the same things and have similar job interests and we always get along. He's my best friend. I want to run away with him and be together forever. But I'm so worried I'm going to disappoint my mom and dad. What do I do? Thanks.

Dear Daisy,

You do seem really stuck. But as always I'm here to help. Now, I think that when it comes to love and deciding who you're going to spend the rest of your life with, it always comes from the heart. The guy your parents think you should be with doesn't sound like he makes you happy at all. You said you never get along. To me, the person you love should always be your best friend. Somebody who likes the same things as you. Someone you get along well with. You shouldn't be scared to disappoint your parents because they are not the ones who are going to be with that guy. I think they should respect you're decision no matter what. Good luck and remember, follow your heart.

Delirium The Movie

So the movie Delirium is coming out. Based on the book Delirium by Lauren Oliver. The setting is futuristic where love is considered a disease and scientists created a "cure" where you go through a procedure when you're eighteen years old. People who fall mad in love turn crazy and commit suicide to get away from the procedure, get thrown in jail or run away to the "wilds" where people who break the rules live.

Charlotte Roosevelt who plays the main character Lena goes on a run with her best friend Hana (Kayla Reese) where they meet this boy named Alex (Lucas Keith) who Lena is meeting up with occasionally. As they get closer their problems get worse.

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Feature Article

Lena is a perfect angel, never even thinks about the other gender, until she meets Alex. The guy with perfect hair and eyes. They meet often to talk until Alex tells her that he is an "invalid". A person who lives in the wilds. She freaks out and stops seeing him. While her relationship Hana is fading because she attends illegal parties after curfew. On one particular night, the city's regulators go on a raid searching houses. Worried about her friend, she sneaks out and goes to alert her. As she gets there, the regulators knock down the doors hitting people with clubs while the dogs tear at the people's feet. Luckily, Alex is there to save Lena. They run to a safe place when Lena realizes she was bitten on the calf by one of the dogs. As Alex aids her, things get a little too friendly which creates more problems.

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