Decolonization around the World!

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Beginning of independence

After World World II many people wanted to gain independence from Europe so they can become their own nation. India wanted independence so they form the Indian National Congress. The Indian National Congress (INC) is a Hindu political party that represented most people in India established in 1885. They started with a peaceful protest, but this change when some protester were attacked. After this Gandhi became an important leader in the INC. While Gandhi methods was nonviolent, there was increasing violent between Hindu and Muslims. After they gained independence they decided to split India into two different countries, Pakistan for Muslim and India for Hindu.

Two Nation after Independence

After independence Gandhi believed India could stay united. A movement by Muhammad Ali Jinnah aim to separate India by religion. This led to a conflict between Hindus and Muslims where millions of people flee India or fought eventually turning into two countries , Pakistan and India.


Rwanda: Ethnic Genocide

Developments in South Africa

The Middle East

After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, it became what is now known as Turkey. The world superpowers took control of Turkey and many other Middle Eastern nations such as Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, etc. The Middle East during the 20th century was crazy, but this lead to the creation of the modern nation of Israel.

Israel: Balfour Declares a Mess

Palestine was home to the Jews since the ancient Roman Empire, and since then power has shifted constantly. During World War 1, Jews convinced Arthur Balfour to make Palestine the homeland of the Jews. This was known as the Balfour Declaration of 1917. Not until recently did the Jews cause a problem in Palestine due to World War 2. When Hitler came into power in Germany, many Jews fled to Palestine and this led to an excessive amount of Jews, but still not more than the Palestinians.

The Jewish Wait for a State Ends in 1948

In 1948, The United Nations created 2 Palestine's, part for the Jews and part for the Muslims. This led to conflict between the Jews and the Muslims. Many other Muslim countries came to the aid of the Palestinians (Muslims). In 1967, Israel (Jewish side of Palestine) fought in what is know as the Six Day's War, led to the total victory for Israel. Israel gained the Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, West Bank, and the Sinai Peninsula. The west Bank is the location of Jerusalem, Judaisms historical homeland. This led to resentment from the Palestinians because they didn't want the Dome of the Rock to be in Jewish control. Over the years, the Palestinians and Israelis have been fighting for control of the land. In 2000, Palestinians sparked new uprising that used suicide bombers and other tactics to gain back the land.This led Israel to build a wall around the West Bank to avoid these attacks. Now Palestinians divided into 2 different groups, the Fatah and the Hamas. The Hamas were considers the "terrorists", while the Fatah are their opposites. Israel and the US worked with the Fatah to end the Hamas, and they were successful. Around 2006, a new group called the Hezbollah formed and operated in Israel. After 2 Israeli soldiers were captured, people turned to the Hezbollah for its cause. As of 2015, Israel has warrants on four of Hezbollah's operatives.