Texas Revolution

Lance Taylor BLK:7 Date: 12/19/14

Battle of Gonzals

Domingo de Ugartechea, millitary commander of Texas. Recived word that American colonist refused to surrendar a camoned, Started october 1835

Battle of San Jacinto

Concluding the miltary event of the Revolution when the revolutionary army of Gonsalls retrted easward. They crosed the colardo river. On March 17 they camped near presnt day colombs and recurited men and increased its size. Sam's scout saw the Mexican army coming to them so they took position in the coas and fought

Battle of Nacodochies

Occered Audest 2, 1832, A group of Texas settlers defined an oreder, by Col. Jose de las Presdas commander of the Mexican Twelth. Previnting Battalian at Nacdoches to surender there arms. And it made tension grow.

Battle of Concepion

occered October 28,1835, opening engament in the Siege of Bexar. Texan army grew to 400 men mexican army 750, Stephen ordered some men to protact a closer town. Two mexican scouts saw the town with the American army. There were 14 mexican losses and 39 wounded. Texan 1 killed and 1 wounded

Grass fight

occured November 26, 1835, last engament of the Siedge of San Antino after the deporture of Stephen F. Austin to represent Texas. Texan army elected Edwards Basan as commander, who Contined to haras coss and and scout. ON November 26 Smith rode in the Texas camp with word Mexican army was approching. Tame howie and his men seized a mexican supply train. Both sides fought on foot near Alzon creek

Battle of the Alamo

Occured 1836, it involed James Bowie, David Crockett, Willam B Travis and Santa Anna. Txans captred the town form sepurates, The war started when the Texans drew the white flag of truce but one of the texans ored to fire the cannon which shot a buliding near the mexican army. And then drew the red flag, which says they should would,t take prisoners even thogh we lost the Alamo we still won the war.