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Technology in Education: Building our Future

As we bring 2014 to a close to recharge for a new calendar year, think about how far you have come! You have stepped out into the murky waters of the unknown and are navigating them very well if I may say so! Be proud of what you have accomplished, but don't settle there. Watch this video to challenge yourself to keep going further....

Technology in Education

Are your tech integrated lessons building skills in:

  • Collaboration?
  • Communication?
  • Creativity?
  • Divergent Thinking?

Remember the SAMR model. No matter where you fall, make your tech-integrated lessons meaningful!

Transforming Education: PD Sessions

Informal Sessions

Informal (refresher) sessions will be held this week. This week's topic: Sending/Receiving assignments via the tablet & quiz updates. Sessions will be held this week after school on the following days:

  • Kernodle: Tuesday, 12/2 @ 4:10 (Lower Lab)
  • Kiser: Wednesday, 12/3 and Thursday, 12/4 @ 3:30 (Computer Lab 2)

If these days/times do not work for you and you'd like me to visit a small group during your planning, just let me know!

December Focus: mClass Beacon

  • mClass Beacon is a tool that can become a part of your assessment process.
  • As a formative assessment option, there are pre-made quizzes based on standards and the opportunity to create quizzes using a robust item bank.
  • Because the questions are CCSS-aligned, this tool is best used in the Math and ELA classrooms.
  • Training on the pre-made assessments, called Quick Checks, are coming to a content meeting near you! Training on the create-your-own assessments will soon follow.
  • Check out the basics here:
  • Beacon is a part of our Amplify package, so I highly encourage you to consider making this a part of your assessment routine.
  • Check out some highlights below:

Tablet and Tech Tips

December Cheat Sheet

Starting this month, we will bring you a few apps and web 2.0 tools to add to your digial toolbox. Check out this month's cheat sheet in the picture below. CLICK HERE for the pdf version of the cheat sheet with active links!
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Charging the Tablets

Complaints about tablets that "will not charge" have been up recently. To potentially help with that issue, instruct students to charge their tablets at home while they are turned off. The VPN (filter away from school) pulls on the battery quite a bit and this may help save some of that battery power while in route to campus.

Found a new app? Want to see it in the Amplify Market?

Follow the steps according to the GCS app approval process. In a nutshell:

  • Download the desired app on your tablet and spend some time with it looking at its functionality, advertisements and overall best uses.
  • Complete the app approval rubric.
  • Finally, submit the completed rubric to your school's MTAC committee (contact your Media Specialist).
  • Your part is complete!

From there, if approved at the school level, the app will be submitted for county approval from the MDAC committee. Once terms of use have been properly vetted, you could see your requested app in the Amplify Market!*

Click here for the app approval process and rubrics (find links at the bottom of the page).

*Please keep in mind, this can be a lengthy process so students will not have access to the requested app right away. Please plan accordingly. Also, this is the process for free apps only. Paid app policies are being determined at this time.

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Jerolyn "Jeri" Brown

I am a PLEF, Personalized Learning Environment Facilitator, serving Kernodle and Kiser Middle Schools in Guilford County, NC. I am 1/12 of a team of instructional coaches and technology integration specialists who are passionate about revolutionizing education. In my former life, I taught ELA and SS at the elementary and middle grades level. I also taught remedial reading to 6-8 grade students. I <3 middle school!

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