Lack of Honor

Is this true? Does Hero still have her honor?

Hero's Shaming...

Hero gets shamed in front of everyone at her wedding. Did Claudio lie to get attention? NO! Hero has been dishonoring her fiance. She has been caught having an "affair" with another man says Claudio. Is this true? NO! After Hero is lied about in front of the entire city she is knocked unconscious. Has she falling to her death? If she has Claudio wouldn't care after all she is a "rotten orange." The whole city was shocked to hear that such lady full of purity, honesty, loyalty, and label was dishonoring her husband. Some think this is all a lie, others think differently. Is this the end to Claudio and Hero or is this just the beginning...

Hero has been framed for a crime that she hasn't committed.

The truth comes out... Breaking News! Hero did not dishonor Claudio in fact she was a perfect wife to him. She was loyal, honorable, and pure. She did not die! Friar staged her death to prove she was innocent ans so she could live as a nun. "HERO IS INNOCENT."

Barachio comes clean of all the lies he has told to break up their relationship. Why? That's a good question so stay tuned to fox 8 news.