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May Bird and The Ever After By Jodi Lynn Anderson

If I were to go back in time and choose the book that created my minds eye it would have to be this one. Enchanting and spooky; a portrayal of a child's mind when fear is gnawing on our very backs, the feeling of being followed when nothing is even there. Quite honestly Jodi Lynn Anderson has done a fantastic job by creating this earth shattering book after a girl who just doesn't fit in.

May Bird, the protagonist of this crooked tale may have gotten in far over her head when she finds a small pond hidden in the woods of Briery Swamp; a place which has been in drought for the past few years. After discovering such an odd sight May and her hairless cat, Somer Kitty, find themselves in the world of the dead. With the help of a skittish house ghost called Pumpkin they try to find their way out this strange world with ought being caught. Only, it seems their arrival was already notified and the very man this world is ruled by is out to get May!

Putting down this book when such calamities our under our feet and buzzing about could be an issue, that our the sudden realization that it's over. That's why we can only thank the stars this author decided one book was not enough.

Ly Sophie666

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