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Dear AIESECers,

Dear AIESECers,

Welcome to the second edition of the AIESEC WU Newsletter named YO! AIESEC brought to you by the Performance Team. This time we have much more infos you can chow on and we strive to bring you new and exciting things for every newsletter. What those things are you ask? Well... we won't spoil anything so you have to find out for yourself. One tip: Be prepared.

Other than your events & news section we have added several new sections which will catch your interest in more than 2 ways. Also, there will be surprises waiting for those who do not give up halfway and read it through the end.

Regards from you Performance Team.

Warning! This newsletter can induce mind-blown-ess, brain overload, bursts of laughter and unexpected smiles. We take no responsibility and cannot be sued for damages to the individual person.

Mind explosion


The exam week is behind us, chill times have come. WRONG! We´ve got so much going on, the times that have come are rather intense. From the amazing LCM we had on Monday to ALPS this weekend, the training and the upcoming CC, every single event will bring us an incredible amount of joy, socializing and of course, valuable information. So … we hope you recharged your batteries because you will need every single drop of energy you can get. May the force be with us. AIESEC WU will rock the nation!


ALPS is certainly a highlight for every active AIESECer. The really intense agenda (conference and parties included) might seem overwhelming for all members, but it will certainly an awesome, really hard to forget experience. We won´t bore you with too many details, since you got all the relevant info in the booklets (DO NOT FORGET to read them, there is really a lot to find out). We really want to thank to our OC (Maggy, Ines, Florian, Yoana, Dorian and Ellie), which surely has done a great job. We would also like to wish good luck to our hard-working Boat Race Team (Buse, Emil, Marcus and Thomas). They are training really hard to get the national title. Go get it guys! Make us proud! So, AIESEC´ers, prepare your best outfits, eat your vegetables aaand (like Toni said) drink a lot of water, cause it´s going to be … awesome … a level of awesomeness as high as the ALPS.

Because we know that keeping you energy will be really hard, here are some tips:


Consulting Challenge is a one-day career event that allows the exchange of information between businesses/companies (we are talking about heavy weight contenders, guys) and students.

In an interactive case study arises the opportunity for students to gain a deeper insight into the respective companies and corporate consulting. The participants will jointly develop practical solutions to challenges that occur in everyday business-life.

The event is taking place at WU on the 12th of December and it starts at 12:30, ending with the Networking Lounge at 18:30. For more info on the agenda check this link:


See ya there, fellows!

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TAM is organizing a public training on creativity on the 15th of this month. The event will be starting at 3:30PM and the host of honor will be no other than TONI CHUNG. Yes - Toni Chung! Please stay tuned for further details.


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Almost four weeks ago a big milestone for our organization has been achieved: the launch of EXPA! All of you are aware of the possibilities that the system brings to our organization (well if not, this website is the primary location for everything related to the new AIESEC Global Information System, but more important than the system itself is the focus of the organization on delivering more and better experiences. Experiences that really challenge all our members to develop their leadership potential.

The success of this system will depend totally on each one of you! We know that there will be bugs, but the more you send us feedback the best the system will become.

This system will be one of the main milestones the organization will remember in the future.

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For the exceptionally hardworking people - keep up the good job!
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... for being awesome!


December is here! To me that usually implies snow, caroling, presents, Christmas break and my birthday, but in this huge, diverse world it can also mean so many other things. That’s why I thought it would be fitting to write a short article about different traditions that take place in December in different cultures and surroundings.

Aaaaand the first one up issss: Saturnalia!

Now you’re probably asking yourself

and you have every right to do so because unless you’re a history nerd (like myself) then you’ve probably never heard about this tradition that took place in ancient Rome and hasn’t been celebrated in at least 1500 years. Think of it sort of like a hipster Christmas+sacrifice+gambling+carnivals.

It was usually held between the 17th and the 25th of December (sound familiar?) and would start with a sacrifice at the temple of Saturn (Saturnalia), the re-branded roman version of the Greek titan Cronos. He was the god of agriculture and harvest. This sacrifice was followed by a public banquet which was followed by a little thing most all of us love: gift-giving (ring a bell?). All this was followed by a carnival of sorts where gambling was permitted and even masters would serve their servants. Courts were not in session, war could not be declared, schools were closed, the poet Catullus called it “the best of days” (totally not taken of Wikipedia)

No one is completely sure what exactly was celebrated but some say that it symbolized the birthday of the unconquerable sun, “Sol Invictus”, on the 25th of December. As you may see some of our Christmas traditions can be traced back to this ancient event and that’s why I thought it might be interesting to mention it.
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X-MAS in ...

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ and is one of the cornerstones of the Christian faith. Christianity is present in just about every culture and every social layer and therefore it is celebrated differently in say Guatemala than it is celebrated in Romania. Now to be honest I’m a bit hesitant to write about different traditions since I can’t really say that I’ve experienced most of them. Now Romanian, that I've experience and it goes like this:

Christmas is a huge part of Romanian culture and as such we have a rich tradition when it comes to christmasing. Caroling is a huge part and we do it in various ways: people can go around town and carol and receive money and food, people can “go around town with the goat/bear/deer” (dat translation doe). The goat tradition is an ancient one in Romania and it implies a goat made out of wood that is taken throughout the town/village accompanied by a troupe young with instruments or anything that makes a lot of sound to attract attention. Some say this tradition is derived from archaic rituals to honor the dead and the rebirth of gods and the sun (things associated with the end of the year)

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And regarding food - there is only one thing I can do.

Share your EXperience DIANA MISCA | India | Summer 2012

PMteam: First of all, what is the story behind your decision to go abroad?

Diana: I found myself in my search, in search for Diana. So, how could I find Diana if I was searching in the same place? Beside searching Diana, I was also searching the world.. And I am still searching it. Both actually.

PMteam: Why with AIESEC?

Diana: ... well, I've been trying to be a part of AIESEC in the past but apparently I haven't been the ONE for the organization at that time. That, though, didn't put a black shade on how I feel about it. So I didn't suddenly hate AIESEC, no. I tried again and it was for the same reason: the great opportunity it offers to anyone to discover more.

PMteam: Why volunteering in India?

Diana: India - because it had so many colors. And when you look at colors, they are all so very different. Blue gives you stability, hope. Red will tell you to stop, it has power on you, makes you fear but at the same time, it will give you love. And then green comes along, which gives you freedom, harmony, nature. Although black is not considered a color itself, it will make you shiver in its elegant way. That's India, as much as a cliché as a real world. I was searching for challenges, to understand why red makes you fear, but then it symbolizes love at the same time. (Of course, I know… it makes sense for some of you). I was searching for questions to which I should then search for an answer.

PMteam: What were your highlights during your stay?

Diana: The highlight ... To know that you can feel and be really lost.. and found. Money won't buy it. Oh the flight ticket maybe. Flight ticket to LOSTNESS.

PMteam: And fears?

Diana: Fears were not really included in the plan. I went thirsty for rickshaw drivers behaving strangely to me as a woman, thirsty for the Dengue fever which kept me wondering if I will get home by myself and thirsty for the roads which never made me feel safe. But I wished for the ice cold water and I got it. It's the only way to grow and to discover your limits.

PMteam: The experience, how did it impact you?

Diana: It made me grow, discover a new culture and open my eyes to a new world. I can see things which I couldn't have seen before ... And I can put colours to the things. And I am very thankful for that.

PMteam: What’s next? Or shall I say ‘where’ is next?

Diana: I am still searching and I hope I will be always searching. There is always something to be found, something to be learned. I am considering applying for another program through AIESEC, something which is not very easygoing, another challenge.

PMteam: Thank you and we look forward to welcome you on yet another challenge provided by our awesome organization.

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In order to get your brain activated again, so that you do not fall asleep we have a small riddle for you.

"A hidden book. A single lock. A missing key.
Which one is true?

Take the third word of your answer and duplicate the third letter.
Place it to the front.
What was once closed will be no more.
But to read the book, the hands need to move.
Now then, what is the key?"

Also, there are no hints. For the suspicious ones, yes it is 100% solvable. Can you do it?
The answer will be found in the next edition of the newsletter.

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As members of AIESEC and students of WU, a decent sense of creativity is a must. So we, your beloved Performance Management Team started a “creative” section. For every newsletter we will set up a theme, which you will have to take in consideration when you will send us your “artistic creations”(photos, videos, paintings etc.). We will then decide which creation makes it to the next newsletter. Christmas is coming, so next newsletter’s topic will be: Happiness and Winter. More details to be announced!
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