R U What U Eat?



Life expectancy:

America: 79.8 years

Ecuador: 73.5 years


America: $36,006

Ecuador: $3,580


America: 72.2%

Ecuador: 50.9%

Calorie Intake:

America: 3,774

Ecuador: 2,754

Meat Consumption:

America: 274.56

Ecuador: 99 pounds per year


America: N/A

Ecuador: 4%

Access to Water:

America: 100%

Ecuador: 97%


America: 8.8%

Ecuador: 4.8%



Spanish conquer Ecuador, which becomes part of the Spanish Vice-royalty of Peru.


Ecuadoran middle class begins to push for independence.


Ecuador cedes some 200,000 square kilometres of disputed territory to Peru under the terms of the Rio Protocol.


Growth in banana trade brings prosperity.


Oil production starts and Ecuador emerges as a significant oil producer


Which foods in the regional diet are grown and processed (if applicable) domestically?

People in Ecuador grow all kinds of foods like bananas, potatoes, corn, and beans because of fertile soil and warm climate.

Which foods in the regional diet are imported from elsewhere?

Ecuador gets imported different varieties of oil, gets nuts/seed, seafood and cocoa.

Are there foods grown elsewhere, but processed domestically? How would that benefit your country? What drawbacks would that present?

Meat, seafood, oils, and sugar are just some of the foods processed domestically. It could benefit them because they get extra food and a more diverse diet. But it can hurt them because it costs money to get the imports.

What does diet reveal about quality of life in your country?

The diet reveals how much money the country has. If they do not have enough money then their diet will be less than most. They have a lot of filling foods which is a good sign of a successful living.

What does diet reveal about your country’s economy?

It reveals what they are able to afford and how much they are able to eat.
More money=More food. If they have a steady diet to live then they are financially stable.

What does diet reveal about your country’s economy?

If there was a certain culture that conquered a country then they will have to eat the type of foods that their conquerors eat. In this case, the Spanish took over Ecuador and Ecuadorians ate what Spanish people mostly ate.


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