Barbed Wire

Joseph Glidden

Barbed Wire Invention

Joseph Glidden was a small farmer who saw that people in the great plains were at a lack of wood for fencing. He saw that they would use bushes with sharp thorns to keep cattle in. One day at the county fair he saw a demonstration that caught his eye. There was a farmer that attached spikes to the top of wooden posts. So he thought that metal bent into thin strings with sharp points every foot or so would give them their needs. Joseph got the patent in 1874. It used little wood and was cheap but it led to the demise of free grassing on public land as small farmers would fence their animals on that land.

Barbed Wire

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How it works

Barbed wire is metal with sharp points ever foot or so and its meant to keep things in or out it all depends on what your trying to accomplish. The other thing that matters is the kind of wire you use. some have razor blades on it and some just have sharp points.

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Barbed Wire Changing

This invention was has been and always will be the same except for the wire they use for people that is razor sharp. But the same two wire with a barb every 6 in or so is the same.
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