Self-driving Cars

By: Lucas Anderson

Self-driving Cars

Self-driving cars will be the future of transportation. With nobody driving, letting computers take the wheel will impact society greatly. It will decrease the amount of deaths due to car crashes and will decrease the head injury rate. Many are killed due to car crashes.


There is a race for history. Like the space race, instead of countries, car brands are competing. Those brands include Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, and Google.

Injuries being reduced

A major con of self driving cars is that brain damage due to car crashes will decrease. 20% of brain damage is caused by car accidents. 90% of car crashes are predicted to be reduced
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Making a self-driving car is difficult. One of the hardest parts just making that car and programming. One key part that takes so much time is mapping all of the road. The car runs of the maps.

Some companies are debating on whether, when that car get is trouble, if it is good to have a human take the wheel. Some say that the human brain can't react fast enough to take in the surroundings and make a fast precise decision.

When will they hit the road

Google says they predict that they will have their cars hit the road on 2020, but Tesla says they will have their model 3 which has self driving cars hit the road by late 2017