Ring network

A ring network is where each device is connected to two or more other devices to form a ring. There's many advantages such as the ring network can transfer data quickly, even if there are a large number of devices connected because the data only flows in one direction, so there won’t be any data collisions. However there's many disadvantages such as if the main cable fails or is faulty it will lead to the whole network failing

Star Network

A star network is where devices are connected to a central hub or switch. An advantage would be the fact that its very reliable and if one cable or device fails then all the others will continue to work. But a disadvantage would be its costly and if a hub fails the whole network looses connection.

Bus network

A bus network connects several workstations, servers and printers. The advantages would be its easy and cheap to install. However there's more disadvantages such as if the main cable fails or gets damaged the whole network will fail, as more workstations are connected the performance of the network will become slower causing the connection to slow down ,every workstation on the network can see all of the data on the network so this is a security risk.