The Pyramid Country

Egyptian Landform

Egyptian land formation is mostly sand, desert and man made tunnels under the land. Egypt was formed from mostly violent sandstorms and tunnels in 1001 when Egypt was pretty much the only country on earth. The land formation of Egypt was also formed from many people that stopped in Egypt because they thought "I guess that I'll make this place like home". Some settlers in Egypt actually dug up the only land in the outskirts of Egypt and put sand there, just so all of Egypt matched the deserted climate. While the settlers where digging, they actually also formed Egypt into the shape of a pitcher (I still wonder if they tried to made Egypt the shape of a pitcher). Sometimes the tunnels would collapse and the land would tilt to one side, making an not steep hill. Sometimes sand and rock would pile up to make a plateau in the middle of nowhere or somewhere reasonable.
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Pyramids and Important Landmarks

Pyramids are triangular landmarks that are almost everywhere on Egypt's land. Pyramids can be dedicated to someone or just there to amaze hundreds of people. In most pyramids, the walls are decorated with Egyptian writing (usually descriptions), there are sometimes tunnels leading underground, and usually some tombs of Egyptian people who passed away. Now, lets talk about some important landmarks of Egypt's approval. There is the national landmark made of silver, witch is a statue of King Tutankhamun (or Tut ). There are many statues that are Egyptian Gods because Egyptians believed in gods ( just saying extra, the Egyptians also thought Egyptian gods had animal heads ) and made some statues of them ( they also took a great talent and gave it to a god like this: Thoth, God of knowledge ). There are also more statues for people like King Tutankhamun.

Most Egyptians...

Most Egyptian men and women do things a lot differently than other men and women. They do things like rituals, but for other people than just for their relatives, they live in makeshift homes, they show affection for everyone they meet ( even people who've they have never even seen before ) and the men wear kilts and sandals ( a kilt is like a short dress for men ), while women usually wear tattered jeans and a T-shirt or a gown. Egyptians usually pray to their relatives to do the things the want and they also pray to many, or one, Egyptian god. They use mostly all makeshift things, not fancy things like machines or really nice bathrooms ( they usually made their own little outhouses ). The Egyptians don't have really cool monuments or landmarks. They use whatever they can use; they find sandstone and use it to make a man made pyramid, or find all the minerals they can find and take it to make a statue or a national landmark. Like I said, the use whatever they can salvage.
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Egyptian Immagration

If people in Asia or Australia could not afford to get all the way to the land of the free ( America ), they usually had enough money to at least get to Africa. Not many people wanted to travel to the heart of the country ( Egypt is towards the heart of the country ), despite the hard journey, especially if they were in steerage ( the worst part of the boat ). After a while, people started coming to Egypt because the heart of the Nile was in Egypt and there weren't many people, so they got a lot of free space. Then, in 1856, people stopped coming and more people were leaving because of the violent sandstorms and horrific dictatorship. Then, when Tutankhamun became dictator, many people heard of his great dictatorship and Egypt got hundreds more immigrants from other continents of the earth. Not many Egyptians leave there country nowdays because you won't find a dictator in Egypt that rules the land. Now that most people are settled, the country of Egypt does not get any more population.

Egyptian Food and Living

Egyptians make houses out of stones, cloth, wood, sand, or all of the above. Egyptian life is mostly all makeshift, and you can tell by what the things the Egyptians do. The people usually do things based on their religious beliefs like learn about god and be nice to everyone they see. They usually wear makeshift clothes and make all their things from hand, not from machine. You may think Egyptians eat disgusting foods, and your correct, if you hate regular food. Egyptians sometimes eat things like lizard or snake ( witch is kind of disgusting ), but otherwise they eat they eat things like pasta and apples. Egyptians live and eat normally, just like other people in other countries.

Egypt's language

The main language of Egypt is English, witch is the main language of most places in the world. Egyptians also speak Arabic, witch is really only common in Egypt.