Federal Court System

A glance into the system of law and equality

District Courts

This is where all the fun begins. It is in this place that both civil and criminal cases can be heard for the first time, thus giving the court original jurisdiction. So, why not come on in and join in on the action of a trial's beginning stages?

Court of Appeals

As if the District Courts weren't enough, you can catch up on even more information if you come in and experience life at the Court of Appeals. Not only is this place more hectic but it provides the person with more entertainment when one demands his or her case be heard for a second time. This of course leads to an appellate jurisdiction that gives the court an opportunity to hear the appealed case from some other lower court. As you see, if you want to have the time of your life then come on into the, join this process and participate in the middle part of this large system.

* There is one rule. You must live within the limits established by the circuit to take part in this step.

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Fun Facts to know before joining the experience

Remand, Life terms, opinion, and precedent

These are four essential terms that you need to know before visiting the courts. Without an understanding of them, you will be lost in the entire process, especially in the Court of Appeals. To begin, we will look at the word REMAND. It basically means that the extra court( 13th court) can send a case back to a lower court to be reevaluated. This happens if they don't feel it is worthy of their time. Next, we can take a look at Life Terms. This holds importance due to the fact that the judge basically can hold the job for as long as he desires. The only possible way to kick him out is through impeachment. Lastly, let's discuss Opinion and Precedent. Usually these two are paired together, so this is how we'll look at them in order to gain a better understanding. While an opinion is merely just a way creating an explanation for actions and reasoning in the courtroom, it hold extreme importance in that it creates a precedent, or model, to other judges who have similar cases in the future. Thanks for reading these extra tips! They will surely be beneficial after stepping into the courts and could possibly gain you brownie points for the extra knowledge!

We Are Americans

We hope that you come out and experience life at the courthouses! See you soon and have a blessed Fourth of July!
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