The Progressive Movement

Jared Robbins


-They were usually:
  • white protestants
  • middle class
  • native born
  • college educated professionals

-Their motives were usually:
  • women's suffrage
  • end abuse of families
  • improve children's health

Political Reforms

-Fed. Gov. reform:

  • secret ballot

-State Gov. reform:

  • initiatives


Key players-

  • Alice Paul
  • Susan B. Anthony
Key Event-

  • Girls arrested for picketing in front of the White House

Societal Reform

  • Women are allowed to vote
  • linching is exposed
  • Factories exposed

Big Business Regulations

  • meat had to be correctly labeled and packaged
  • tons of monopolies were taken down
  • food that was drugged had to be better regulated

The Amendments

16th- Income tax (gave the government more funding)

17th- People directly elect senetors (takes away a lot of corruption)

18th- Prohibition (took away alcohol for short time)

19th- Womens suffrage (allowed women to vote)